The Star Magic Notebook

The Star Magic Notebook


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The Star Magic Notebook by Laura S. Woodmansee

Write on the night sky!

A Notebook for Your Ideas & Dreams

Cast Your Magic Spell Use your favorite gel pens and markers to write and draw on the stars, planets, galaxies, and nebulae!

- 110-pages of beautiful space scenes in black & white

- Two-page spreads with lots of room to write & draw

- Cosmic quotes to inspire

"I wanted to write & draw my thoughts, ideas, and dreams ON the night sky! I searched for the perfect notebook, but it didn't exist ... yet. So, with a little cosmic wizardry from our beautiful Universe, I materialized my own ;) I hope you will enjoy using your very own Star Magic Notebook to wonder, dream & create."

- Laura Woodmansee Laura is the Chief Visionary at

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